Ostapenko Architects

We are positive that modern interiors and architecture represent something that could touch one's heart and a soul. It's a passion and inspiration, a taste to life.
Architecture is Ostapenko family's lifework, that's why our philosophy is to live in profession, be purposeful and creative

Ostapenko Architects is an architectural family workshop where experience and inspiration are passed through generations.
The company founder, Alexander Ostapenko, is a representative of architects dynasty: his parents are the ones amongst the first Faculty of Architecture graduates of Dnipro city in the early 70’s. Afterwards, Alexander’s mother, Ostapenko Lyudmila, has become a successful teacher at Architecture faculty with over 30 years of experience, while his father, Ostapenko Volodymyr, a well-known architect and urban planner, has gained a lot of professional experience and state honors. Alexander’s son, Semen, is a student at Architecture Faculty. He takes on experience of generations and is involved in new and modern architecture objects creation.

Ostapenko Architects works have a high level of expertise, adaptability and thoughtfulness. Our creative and highly professional team is able to bring to your object something that cannot be appreciated materially, feeled by touch. It’s a unique sense of style, quality in every detail. There are number of unique works that have been performed both in Ukraine and abroad (Austria, Greece and Germany) for more than 20 years of successful practice.

We design commercial properties, public buildings, private houses, house and apartment interiors, offices, restore architectural monuments and historic

Oleksandr Ostapenko


Russel Reed

Project Manager

Cheryl Ray

Interior Designer