The object was created in two stages combining two apartments with a panoramic view to the river Dnieper. Initially, one part of the apartment had been purchased, designed and implemented. And two years later, a need for expansion had arisen, so the second apartment was purchased for further action. As a result, the most comfortable space with desired set of rooms was created.

The children’s area is located in a separate block and includes independent bedrooms, a bathroom, a wardrobe and a heated spacious children’s play terrace. A block for the owners has been designed as a individual part. Spacious kitchen has an independent exit to the terrace and, if necessary, could be separated from the dining room and living room by a sliding system.

The apartment cherry on the top is a panoramic terrace view to the river. There we’ve managed to place a whole complex for relaxation. It includes several zones: a BBQ zone, a lounge zone with a projector and a falling screen, as well as a SPA zone. Cold and hot water barrels for Japanese bath with all communications are integrated into the terrace floor and for safety reasons are hidden by sliding floors.

Another highlight of the project is an interactive installation implemented in Ukraine for the first time. It has been created using a long corridor, that appeared from old and new apartment parts combination, and turned into a creative and attractive place.

DATE: 12/2017

LOCATION: Ukraine, Dnipro

AREA: 500 m2

TEAM: O. Ostapenko, B. Koval, N. Prokhorov



Chris Vermeulen