A farmhouse for a rural holiday in a picturesque place for a modern city inhabitant is a perfect place of tranquility, solitude, and joyful friendly gatherings. In the nature, in the realm of natural beauty, everyone wants to enjoy the landscape, charming sounds, smells.Therefore, house interior was created taking into account the need of direct connection of external and internal space. This intention was reflected both in planning solutions, and finish details.

You can contemplate the landscape with magnificent pine trees, even without getting out of cozy bed, either lying in the bath, or being in the kitchen. Wood of various species, natural stone, porcelain stoneware all materials are main performers for eco-friendly and natural interior design.

Despite of layout seems to be simple, the whole internal space is organized so that the paths of attendants, guests who stay for a night and mansion owners intersect as little as possible: personal apartments are completely autonomous, guests can ‘feel like home’ without disturbing the owners.


Anthony Lopez